Four Incredibly Simple Ways to Create Advocates That Spread Your Message With Social Media

Want to multiply the return on your efforts? Growing your business whether you’re a blogger, podcaster, speaker, coach, business owner or consultant starts with creating advocates. A group of people interested in talking about you or your message.

Advocates develop for a couple of reasons, but all centered around one thing self-interest. It’s never about you, it’s always about them. Below are some ways you can make it all about them.

Here are the four incredibly simple ways to create advocates that spread your message with social media:

  1. Fulfill their wants not needs: With social media creating advocates starts with creating content that’s valuable and easily shareable. This can be achieved in many ways, such as simply posting the benefits of your product (this includes blogs and podcasts) or service using photos on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Instagram, Flickr, etc.
  2. Keep it anticipated, personal, and relevant: Your bilateral intimacy—engagement points should be anticipated, personal and relevant, with the bonus of adding value. Before you tweet that nonrelevant content, think about whether it will result in creating brand advocates. “You should definitely buy a home from her — they tweet funny pictures!” said nobody, ever.  
  3. Very simple!! Care: Social media (the internet) represents a monumental shift in what businesses must be. It now requires that an organization transform into a customer management organization instead of a brand organization. Which means you must care about your end-user. Caring starts with action, so start having a responsive customer service presence in social media. This can add a human element to your brand, build trust, and improve customer satisfaction.
  4. Be generous: Rewarding people with some social media acknowledgement can make them feel valued, and in turn, create advocates. Give users positive feedback when they actually do what you want them to, and you’ll condition them to do it more often. For instance, I love being a resource for others and sharing information that peeks their interest — but I (@mcfaddenteches) tend to tweet to @michaelhyatt more often because I know he’ll respond, and maybe even retweet me. See below.

Michael Hyatt Retweets Patrick McFadden

Bottom line: advocates can make a huge difference in whether or not your message spreads and gets noticed by authorities, trend-setters, and your target market. Take the time to get them. It is worth it.

Question: What impact do you see advocates making in your business?