SWaM Government Contractors: Doing Business With VCU

In this no frills presentation Patrick McFadden, Founder and Marketing Consultant at Indispensable Marketing reveals 4 marketing strategies Small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned Businesses (SWaM) can employ during uncertain times to start increasing visibility, demonstrate expertise, and win VCU contracts.

Are you a SWaM business looking to do business with VCU during these uncertain times (or even great times)?

Do you want to know what the “Best In Class” SWaM businesses are doing differently right now?

Do you want to learn marketing strategies that work during any economic environment?

During the online seminar, we introduced elements of our B2G (Business to Government) Marketing Process – which are designed to help small government contractors present their business as capable, professional, and successful at doing the work they’re trying to win.

There truly is nothing like this available through any other source.

SWaM Firms: Marketing Strategies During Uncertain Times from Indispensable Marketing

To help SWaM firms we made a very exciting offer during the presentation – skip to the end to see.

Here are the 4 Marketing Strategies During Uncertain Times presented in the presentation above:

  • Marketing Strategies #1: Know The Environment – Fully grasp what’s going on
  • Marketing Strategies #2: Effective and Frequent Communication – Responsiveness and the right information matters
  • Marketing Strategies #3: Innovate and Educate – The reality of SWaMs
  • Marketing Strategies #4: Develop a Obvious-Choice Online Presence – No online presence, no opportunities