Thank you, Jay Levinson

I was sad to learn that Jay Levinson my mentor and teacher died yesterday at age 80. He was a great man and a marketing mentor to many.

Thanks for teaching me how marketing starts with you-not the company, not the marketplace, and not the customers.

Thanks for reminding me that marketing is always about communicating, sharing information, and solving problems, all in the spirit of giving

Thanks for telling us, “The names of the marketing game in the 2000’s and beyond are relationships and service…it takes time to nurture the customer relationships and render superlative service”

Thanks for teaching me that if you put up the time, energy, creativity, enthusiasm, and passion, you can gain the same marketing leverage that many large companies have.

Thanks for showing us that everyone is capable of doing many of the things required for effective marketing, but the real question is, Will you?.

You’ll be missed.