The Branding Mix

Similar to its sister the marketing mix the branding mix is a business tool as well. And what this tool does is allow the one who uses it to have in place guidelines for taking a logo and a name to a brand and achieve company goals.

For many years the branding mix included:

  • Logo
  • Identity
  • Tagline
  • Mascot
  • Advertising
  • Product
  • Service
  • Promises

It was assumed that if you had all of these elements in place you had branding success. But at a certain point in the evolution of branding, it became clear that just following the branding mix just isn’t enough.

This post is about the new trend in branding which is an association with more than just the elements above. Customers and prospects are now looking for the most “positive experience.”

And if you want to grow  and having raving fans like Apple, Harley Davidson, Google and others you need these customers and prospects to share their positive experiences. Every single person reading this post has experienced what happens when they talk about you in a positive light. Positive conversation leads to positive feelings.

Question: What are you going to do to create a positive experience that will help build a stronger brand?