The Hard Parts of Business and Marketing

The hard part of business and marketing used to be making stuff. You would have needed to lease or build a factory, purchase inventory, hire employees, get scarce shelf space and buy big ads.

But, not anymore.

Making stuff is easy the part.

In a world where there’s unlimited shelf space for products and services (on the internet), and with so many of products and services being one-click away, the hard parts of business and marketing are ….

finding a way to differentiate your brand from the rest.

finding people who trust you to make, whatever it is that you make.

finding a segment of mainstream that cares, and giving them something remarkable so that it’s easy for them to tell their friends (the people who don’t care as much).

finding the people who care enough to listen or read your message and that find it anticipated, personal and relevant.

finding and leading like-minded people to make real and powerful change that matters.

The hard parts of business and marketing today, have nothing to do with physical labor, they’re about finishing the rare, valuable, risky task of connecting with people.