The Midsize Business Formula for Social Media Success

Admit it. It sucks to work hard on your social media and have no real results to show for it. Let’s discuss …

If you’re trying to sell products and services, gain visibility, become part of the conversation and build brand awareness, all online, you’re probably looking for that one magic formula to make your midsize business social media work.

Many seek the simple factors for social media success.

So here it is: The Midsize Business Formula for Social Media Success 

Social Media Success Ingredient #1: Transparency

It turns out that transparency increases profitability. Are transparent as an organization. When consumers get used to transparency, they’re also more interested in the quality of what you sell, and are more likely to willingly pay extra.

Social Media Success Ingredient #2: Assortment

Become familiar with cross-platform marketing and employ an assortment of social media tools (blogs, mobile apps, online video channels). One social media ad, in a vacuum, is usually not enough to convert a target audiences.

Social Media Success Ingredient #3: Investment

Social media is not an expense, but an investment. And it’s certainly isn’t a free strategy. Social media requires investment to yield measurable results, even if it’s in the form of employee time. Social media spending includes staff, technology, marketing agency fees, consulting services and other costs.

Social Media Success Ingredient #4: Centralization

You should be centralizing your social media function at the corporate level. You should have a small core social media team focused on social media strategy, best practices and metrics that they leverage across the organization. Social media staff matters!

Social Media Success Ingredient #5: Involvement

This describes the relationship between you and your employees — and it is a relationship. You prove your involvement by asking for their input; they prove theirs by being focused on what’s being said on social media. For an effective social media strategy, you need at a minimum, the 3 front line functions, namely, marketing, customer service and sales.

Social Media Success Ingredient #6: Control

Marketing controls social media. Marketing is everything you do or say. And you’re saying a lot on social media platforms. Simple!

Social Media Success Ingredient #7: Measurement

“What gets measured gets managed. ~ Peter Drucker” You can actually double or triple your profits by measuring the results of your social media marketing. Some marketing tactics hit your target right in the middle. Others miss it completely. Unless you measure, you won’t know which are which. You must track your marketing to ensure that it yields sales and profits.

These are important ingredients to follow when running a successful social media campaign. However, I believe these ingredients aren’t the only ones and could be improved or substituted.

Question: What do you think? Do you have some ingredients of your own? What successes have you had with social media? Please share some of your own ingredients.  

About the Author: Patrick McFadden is a marketing consultant/coach for small businesses and midsize organizations. He’s also an American Express OpenForum Advisor. He develops highly tailored marketing plans and strategies that increase your customers and maximize profits.