The One FREE Lunch Request That Didn’t Get Rejected

If you want to go further, faster and make your dreams become reality.  It takes only one simple action: Enlist the help of the best coaches and instructors you can afford.The goal is to tap into their experience and learn from it, you can get to where you want to go faster and with fewer missteps along the journey.

Below is an excerpt from one of my mentors Dan Miller of 48Days. Dan has been seen on CBS, MSNBC, Success Magazine, Fox Business, and many more giving career and work advice. Dan’s advice and experience has definitively played a crucial part in my success and growth. He recently wrote a post about a 27-yr old aspiring entrepreneur who wanted to have lunch with him and here’s what he said:

“I receive lots of requests from people wanting to buy me lunch.  Obviously, as I normally only eat lunch about once a day, I have to reject most of those requests.  However, recently I received a special looking envelope.  When I opened it up a very elaborate coupon fell out.  It stated ONE FREE LUNCH across the top.  It stated, “This coupon entitles the holder to one free lunch and brainstorming session at the restaurant of their choosing.”  At the bottom it included some humor:  “Not valid in Greenland or Cuba.”  The accompanying letter was straightforward:  “My intention is not an attempt at luring you into working on a project with me – quite the contrary.  In fact, my intention is simply to briefly tap into your creativity in a brainstorming and critique session…………..I hope you’ll look at this opportunity not as me attempting to weasel advice from you, but rather as a chance to have an intense creative session over some great food.”

I met this 27-yr-old aspiring entrepreneur for lunch recently.  He is extremely well read and has created a workable plan to launch his business.  It was a delightful time as he promised.”

There’s two important lessons that I don’t want to skip over.

  1. First then 27-yr old did something remarkable and we know it’s remarkable (worth making a remark about) because Dan wrote a post about it.
  2. Secondly, he  enlisted the help of the best coaches and instructors he could afford through offering a free lunch. Sometimes the most you can afford is to check out a book from the library, offer a free lunch or etc. Don’t worry about it. Focus on what you can afford and do that.

In the end, you’ll accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible. And you can do it faster and with better results if you just enlist the assistance of the right help and do what they say.

Question: Do you have some ideas on how to enlist the help you need to succeed?