The Only Marketing You Can Count On In Tough Economic Times

Let’s be clear. There’s nothing wrong with tactics that depend on tools that are here today, gone tomorrow.

(If there was, we wouldn’t use LinkedIn as heavily as we do.)

In fact, it’s smart. Web 2.0 in particular has given us a lot of productive tools to play with. We’d be crazy to ignore them.

But when times are tough, turn to the marketing that you used to get your business started. Turn to the only marketing you can count on in tough economic times:

Business Networking

In the business of networking, you have to stand out and be remembered.

I would like to think that I accomplish both of these at the same time when I network.

I use my business card as a talking point because it has a trust-building offer on it. Most business cards are just exchanged without any differentiation being acknowledged or pointed out.

I also use my personality (DNA) to add value up-front like being recognize as an expert, being education-forward, offering ways to improve their marketing, and being a generous person to my advantage, greeting individuals with a smile, huge handshake and the secret sauce: their name.

Everyone who networks has this goal: to easily be remembered when you follow-up. Follow-up is one of the cornerstones of business networking, along with differentiation.

So, when tough economic times come turn to standing out in the crowd and being remembered – business networking.

The good news is that business networking has the potential for a high return while only investing time, energy and creativity. No checks required here.

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