The Truth About Marketing Online That No One Wants to Admit

There are plenty of heartbroken and dismal stories about marketing online and some maybe you’re familiar with. Perhaps your story is one of them.

Don’t worry, though, because the “TRUTH”  is about to be exposed! You’re about to find out, “the truth about marketing online that no one wants to admit.”

The truth about marketing online that no one wants to admit is that it doesn’t do a thing for you unless you understand marketing. The key to marketing your business online successfully is to know marketing. (Need help)

I’m enthusiastic about the opportunity to market my products or services online, but I also realize that marketing online is only utilizing one of the tactics of marketing. Unless my online marketing efforts are in combination with other marketing tactics, it’s going to be a BIG loser for me.

When marketing online, your homebase (website)—the place you do business— must be promoted all over the place:

  • in the websites of others,
  • in your advertising,
  • in all contacts points you have with prospects and customers
  • in all your print or electronic communication
  • in all your note cards, business cards, envelopes, invoices, catalogs, postcards and in all online and offline directories
  • in your newsletters,
  • on all fliers,
  • even in your marketing-on-hold message,
  • in your voice-mail greeting, and
  • on signs if you have a store or office that people visit.

The best news is that, understanding and knowing marketing, is a mindset, and it’s available to all. You can win the battle for more customers and more profits by just starting today.

Question: Did you know that this was the secret to marketing online?

About the Author: Patrick McFadden is the owner and marketing consultant at Indispensable Marketing, a strategic marketing firm in Richmond, VA. He helps small to midsize businesses create marketing plans and growth processes that get new or better results.