3 Ways to Better Understand Your Customers and Generate More Sales

Would you like your advertising efforts to bring in real results?

How about have your referral programs double (2x) sales?

Do you want more quality traffic to your website?

Maybe, even have your service and product pages generate a flood of new customers or clients?

An excellent way to accomplish those objectives above is to constantly learn more about your customers or target markets.

The hard cold truth is that understanding your customers allows you to market your business more effectively and generate more sales.

If you’ve never had strategic listening conversations with customers or target markets before, do it ASAP as it is the best way to:

  • improve your advertising efforts
  • double sales of your referral marketing programs
  • drive more quality traffic to your site
  • create product and services pages that convert

Now, much has been written and spoken about understanding your customers or target markets but below are the three ways to get your start-up or organization ball rolling as they can provide a great foundation for getting at what’s truly important to your customers. Start talking to customers every month and you’ll be rewarded with insight and sales.

3 Ways to Better Understand Your Customers and Generate More Sales

  1. Talk with your best customers. Your best customers have the following two behaviors: they are profitable and also refer business to you. Not to mention it’s not practical to engage all of your customers in a conversation. Discover who your 5-10 best customers are, then email or phone them asking for feedback on your marketing, sales and service processes.
  2. Use Rapportive. I personally use this Gmail plugin and recommend you use it to find out more about your customers before you email them. We are living through a clutter world and personalized communication always breaks through the clutter. Emails that are anticipated, personal and relevant get opened today.
  3. Eliminate “yes” or “no” questions. My motto is to “go Oprah” on your customer base and make sure you ask open ended questions. Some of the things you’re after is the LANGUAGE your customers use when describing why they buy from you, the WORDS and PHRASES your customers use when explaining what they value about what you do, and the DESCRIPTION of the perfect buying experience. You can’t get that by asking them to rate things from 1 to 10.

Far too often businesses create advertising campaigns around irrelevant pain points and features, referral programs that don’t create referral motivation, and optimize their websites around industry specific jargon and terms when their ideal customers really pay attention, engage and respond to other communicating factors.