Using a Blog to Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry, Part 3

In my last post, I wrote about how to market your content. That you must consider where the promotion of your thoughts and ideas are going to be distributed or shared. Content is King, but Marketing is Queen.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to use the power of social networking. It’s time to start grabbing the attention and networking with influencers. Forming relationships is what social networking is all about. Make this you or your organizations “end game.” You’re here to make connections.

Using a blog to become a thought leader in your industry here’s how you can network with influencers:

  1. Become a detective. Research and start actively following industry leaders on social media.
  2. Biz and People. Develop two list, one of people who are industry leaders and another of businesses that are industry leaders.
  3. Hashtag. Make sure you’re following the hashtag of major conferences and events. This will give you more detailed information about whose speaking and actually attending these events.
  4. Narrow your options. Now it’s time to identify 20-50 people to start conversations and network with. Send them links to other articles that may interest them. If they write or record something awesome say so.
  5. Wow them. Create a blog post that says something like The 50 Top _______________ People on (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, ect.) Mention how great their blog post are. Connect them with other influencers. The goal here is to give more than you take. Also, make sure you also send them a link of your Top 50 post to share with their audiences.

If you do all of the above with excellence you or your organization will have current and potential customers indicating that your blog is a premier source of information in your specific industry, which is exactly what the you want.

Question: Do you have any tips for networking and starting conversations with influencers?