How to Get Your B2B Leads to the Next Step in the B2B Buying Process

Digging into a recent study I found some interesting data that shows, generating qualified b2b leads remains a top challenge for businesses and a third of b2b leads want the opportunity to see a service/product in action very early on.

These b2b prospects want a very tangible understanding of what they’re potentially buying, and they want it right away.

How can your small business rise to meet this new expectation around try before buy?

I’ve been promoting a new stage for today’s integrated lead generation and sales process that I refer to as “Lead Sampling.” Lead sampling acknowledges the fact that your job as a salesperson or marketer is to replicate the conditions of experiencing the service or product in action.

Prospects expect customized experiences and offers relevant to their needs. Small business owners that use personalize sampling offers in their marketing and sales process reap great benefits. Especially as prospects and customers become more risk-averse, offering a sample version of your solution can help reduce the perceived risk.

7 Ways B2B Leads Can Sample Your Service 

Today’s shift in buying now demands a very tangible way prospects can experience your offer.

Prospects want to be able to sample your expertise or service and it’s the easiest way to move people to buying all-in, particularly in highly competitive and highly priced situations.

  • Demo — a group consulting model that would demonstrate expertise by offering advice and answering questions in a free weekly session that could be upgraded to one-on-one consulting
  • 30–90 Minute Consultation or Coaching — A personal or life coach might create a “get unstuck” in 3 sessions mini engagement that allows someone to try out coaching without a long-term commitment
  • Audit — a marketing firm may offer a free or low-cost audit providing solid recommendations that could turn into long-term paid projects
  • Trial Offer — a home improvement contractor might create a 4-Hour You Point, and We Fix starter offering
  • Assessment — a structural engineering firm might sell a feasibility analysis as a product.
  • Seminar or Workshop — a sales training and development firm might offer a free seminar with worksheets and CDs.
  • Basic or Low-Cost Version — an tax-cased accounting firm might sell a certain type of low-cost tax return.

The reason this approach is so effective is that no hard selling must occur, you get to control the sample offering, the client gets independent value whether they agree to hire you or not, and finally, you get a value-based start in the engagement.

Positive ROI is one of the primary concerns of prospective customers. They’re worried about investing into your solution without any promise of value in return. If they don’t have to pay anything (or pay a low-cost) to try your service out, that concern is eliminated.

So, the best way to effectively sell a service is to start by giving it away (slightly).