Does Your Marketing Do That?

That’s the question. Marketing has a job, it has to do something. Marketing typically never fails in the mental creation. It fails in implementation. It fails in the doing.

If you want to build more muscle, then you must do the push-up. If you want to attract, obtain and keep customers, your marketing must do that. Here are the 3 components of marketing that works.

Marketing only works if it gets people:

  • to take action,
  • to change their minds, and
  • most of all, to do more of what they might have had an inkling to do in the first place.

Question: Does your marketing do that?

2 thoughts on “Does Your Marketing Do That?

  • You’re right again, Patrick. I think we must train our children to be persistent, not to give in and turn to others for a quick fix when problems come acallin’. If they grow in a family where you encourage them to try again using self-motivation & ideas, that should continue into their career lives in marketing. The taste of achieving success through their own efforts is a good road to be on. All top sports people have self-promotion & drive, and that has to have been birthed in their pasts.

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