How To Find And Land Opportunities That Most Experts Never Even Knew Were Available

The same way that studies show that 80% of available jobs are “hidden.” I think that 80% of the opportunities to get you or your business in front of decision makers are “hidden.”  That’s right, my argument is that up to 80 percent of the available opportunities are hidden, although absolute documentation is hard to come by.

In this post I will share with you three of my best kept secrets on how to find and land opportunities that most experts never even knew were available.

  1. Go beyond the website. I have been searching intensely, the past three days for Country Clubs where I can register as a dining club member. My goal is to network and surround myself with CEOs, executives, professionals and entrepreneurs (the people I want to do business with). During this process I started going beyond their website and looking at their newsletters. What I discovered was a massive opportunity. See below:                                             Biz builders forum logoBiz builders forum opportunity     That’s right! I found an opportunity to share what I know and present to this group of individuals, for free.
  2. Join, listen, and ask. It’s been said, “You never make the sale you don’t ask for.” Recently I joined a LinkedIn interest group called “Greater Richmond Small Business Development Center” which is a partnership program between the U.S. Small Business Administration and the Greater Richmond Chamber. After I joined I started listening to see what was going on and I quickly noticed that classes were being offered to business owners. What did I do? I took initiative and asked for the opportunity. See below:
    The classWait!!! Did I just get a “two for the price of one.” Yep, I already have been featured in this newsletter (see left column in link) that reaches over 10,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs in my local area. And soon I will be teaching some classes.
  3. Leave thought-provoking comments. I can’t tell you have many radio interviews and guest blogging opportunities have come just from me leaving a great comment. Here’s an example of how I got one of my radio interviews:

Hi Mr. McFadden, I noticed that you commented one of the articles on my firm’s blog (—-), so I checked out your blog to see what you were all about. I’m so glad I did!

Would you be interested in interviewing on my radio show one Monday? It’s called “The Learning Curve Radio Show”, and it’s a show that celebrates entrepreneurship, but also is transparent about some of the mistakes made along the way to “success”. I think you would be an awesome guest as you have very valuable nuggets to share in your blog.

Feel free to give me a call or reply to this email, and we’ll schedule some time to talk.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Here’s an email for guest blogging:

Hi Patrick,
I saw the comment that you left on one of our NYC Department of Small Business Services blog post.
If you are interested in guest blogging, please let me know.

The majority of these opportunities are not advertised. Successful consultants, coaches, business experts, bloggers and speakers can tap into this “hidden opportunity market” using such search strategies as above.

Question: Do you have a strategy for finding those hidden opportunities?