Marketing and Blogging Advice For High-Octane, High-Protein, Butt-Kicking, Name-Taking Real Estate Agents

Many Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Blogs are under this false notion that it’s what in the body of their posts that will attract potential prospects and readers.

Although this is true to some degree, nothing in the marketing mix is more important than a strong headline. Just like a newspaper headline: If prospective readers are intrigued, they keep reading. If they don’t, they move on to the next book, blog post, or next home.

But a high-octane, high-protein, butt-kicking, name-taking Real Estate Agent that uses online marketing as part of their marketing mix understands they’re in the headline business – if they fail to understand that, then they also fail to attract the prospect they need.

Who Are You Serving? Who Are You Trying To Reach?

Home buyers and sellers use the internet more and more for scanning large amounts of content, looking for something that either meets their needs, desires, solves their problem or catches their attention.

Question: Does your content appear in any of the following locations:

  • Inboxs (email RSS subscribers)
  • RSS Feed Reader (Bloglines, Netvibes, GoogleReader, etc.)
  • Social Bookmarking Sites (Digg, reddit,
  • Social Networks (ActiveRain, Pintrest, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Search Engines (Google)

In all of these channels, you are competing for the one thing that is finite: other people’s attention. And you’re in competition with everyone else who wants a slice of it.  A headline that is not eye-catching and remarkable—worth making a remark about— is a message, post, email, or article that is invisible.

 Convey Your Message With Emotion and Conviction. 

Emotion can be provoked in many ways:

  • X-Games Words: best, most, never, crucial, perfect
  • Moving Words: scary, sad, mean, fun
  • Playground Words: secret, hidden, unknown, forgotten, exciting…
  • Curiosity Killed The…Words: celebrities, well knowns, news items, buzz words…
  • Create Your Own: Use something attention grabbing

Invisible Example: Interest Rates Are Uncertain
Attention Grabbing Example: 4 Essential Reasons You Must Not Wait On Interest Rates

The Old MacDonald Formula For Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Blogs

Old MacDonald had it right!

EIEIO. Remember that? Now in the song it was just a rhyming filler. But as a real estate marketing tool, it looks like this:

  • Educate (Teach) on something
  • Improve on something
  • Expose something
  • Inform on something
  • Overcome something

When ever you produce a Craigslist ad, signage, blog post, video, or any other piece of content remember to include one of these elements.

Invisible Example: The Real Estate Loan Broken Down
Attention Grabbing Example: 6 Simple Steps To Getting Organized For A Real Estate Loan

Be Found For Your Subject Matter Expertise

  • Work your subject matter into your titles
  • The title carries the most weight in your posts search engine success
  • Search engines don’t give credit for keywords, unless you include them in your post

Invisible Example:  Advisors Don’t Let Friends Pay 8%
Attention Grabbing Example: Trusted Advsiors Don’t Let Friends Pay 8% In Real Estate Commissions

Be Clear And Concise To Avoid Confusion. (CCC)

  • Tell the full story in a sentence
  • Avoid confusion with description
  • Avoid assumptions; your prospects shouldn’t have to guess what your writing about

Invisible Example: Real Estate Transactions Aren’t That Difficult
Attention Grabbing Example: Why The Real Estate Transaction Process Is Easier Than Baking a Pie.

Question: What do you think? What would your headline be for your next piece of content?