11 Time-tested Ways to Dig Out from a Recession

For many of you, the Strategy section will be the most indispensable piece of information in this entire post. If you understand and follow this procedure, you can dramatically transform your results and survive in any economy, while  bypassing other businesses!

To survive in any economy you must position your business to have the one asset that always wins. That asset is being an expert. You must begin planting that perception seed that you’re an expert. Becoming an expert is frequently the most powerful component to get your business the results, desired. Positioning is the battle for your prospect and customers mind, your marketing is the battle for their wallet. You start with their mind!

If you’re still reading this post, you’re an expert in something. Everybody has a passion, a hobby and a cause. And you’re justifiably proud of your point of view.

Since you’re an expert (about something). What’s your topic?

Before you begin positioning your business as an expert , it is worth understanding the benefits of doing so. I believe there are at least ten:

  • If you aren’t an expert, no one cares what you think. I know that sounds rude, but I’m not talking about your friends or social conversations here.
  • You will understand your business better. The first step in creating a business that runs efficiently is knowing the subject matter of your business inside and out.  Of course, other skills are needed, but it starts here.
  • You’ll create great content. The key to creating great content is sharing information or insights that are new to your audience. If you know far more than the audience, this becomes easy.
  • Communities will form around you — This one’s simple. Genuine experts attract attention.
  • People trust experts — People are more likely to believe your opinion when you know more.
  • People will want to buy from you — A deep understanding of your topic makes you more trustworthy, and that makes you the more inviting choice when it comes time to purchase a product or service.
  • The media will want to interview you — Both traditional and new media depend on the insight of experts. Being a visible expert on your topic makes you an attractive person for the media to interview.
  • Other media will want you to write for them. When you’re recognized for being exceptionally well-informed in your topic opportunities for guest posting on major sites are much easier.
  • Growing a social media following is easier — This eventually happens, even if you don’t work at it. People will figure out where your social profiles are and want to connect with you. Of course, this goes much faster if you do work at it.
  • Experts make more money — For a business owner, this is the bottom line. People will pay more for your products or services if you are a recognized authority in your topic.

Now that you know the benefits of becoming an expert, let’s look at “how to become one.” These are not all the ways your business can become an expert but these are some of the strategies available, so you can survive in any economy. These strategies work and are very profitable if implemented. (I can testify!)

  1. Decide You Are. I’m not going to diminish the value of having a lot of knowledge about a particular topic, but don’t fret too long about deciding that you’re an expert. If you decide you are, you are. You are ready to go.
  2. Have a Focused Topic Area. Become an “expert” at something. It can be growing dandelions, quilting, or the economy, but find your area of expertise – find your “voice.”
  3. Start with a Field You Know. Research it, read other authors and it will establish you as an expert.
  4. Read Three Books. Don’t think that to be an expert you need to have a PhD in the subject, or that you need to have ten years formal study in a particular area. So few people are really readers that I tell people if you read three books on any one topic, youʼre an expert in that topic. That’s really what it takes. If you read just 10 minutes a day, you will read an average book a month. Could you change your success in any area if you read 12 books a year? Absolutely!
  5. Your Website. Your website is a powerful way to start positioning yourself as an expert, especially if your website has a blog.
  6. Commenting on at Least 3 Blogs Daily. Become known as someone worth listening to on your topic area. You want to establish yourself as an expert and commenting on otherʼs blogs is one of the quickest ways to do that. Donʼt promote your product or website – just make meaningful comments. People will find out who you are and follow you to your site.
  7. Writing a Book. A book does help to position you as an expert in your field. If you are a consultant, speaker, coach, pastor or trainer, having a book is a valuable tool for establishing your credibility as a person who is an expert.
  8. Give Away Free Audio mp3s on Your Specialty. Tell people everything you know about achieving success in that area. Giving away valuable content is one of the easiest ways to position yourself as an expert.
  9. Give Away a Check-List For Success in Your Area of Expertise. Could you make a list of 100 ways to be healthier or etc.? 100 ways to lose weight? 100 ways to increase your spiritual vitality? 100 tips for training your dog in 10 days? 100 ways to be a better speaker? Whatever your area of expertise, you should be able to create a helpful list.
  10. Join Three Organizations in Your Community. You might choose your local Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club and your townʼs Habitat for Humanity. They donʼt have to be directly connected to your area of interest or expertise. But this will give you visibility and credibility in your community. You can also be a part of national organizations or online associations.
  11. Create Your Own Social Networking Site. Yes, we all know about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The goals may vary but the intention of any social networking site is to connect people with the same interests in some way. If you have a substantial following you may want to create  your own social networking site. For example, if you are an expert on horse training you can create a site for other horse lovers. Templates like Ning allow you to launch a site with very little cost.

Know your subject inside and out. Learn how to teach it better and how to help others better than anyone else. You can also be the “behind the scenes” business partner to a powerful authority in your topic. Stop wasting time. Develop the real expertise that creates trust, that benefits your audience, and that builds a profitable business.

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Question: What’s your favorite benefit of becoming an expert?