You Must Connect Before You Pull (Sell)

This is a guest post by Rob “YB” YoungbloodRob “YB” Youngblood is a catalyst for business, leadership and professional development. As the Chief Connecting Officer for YBConnects, LLC, he adds value to others through his Coaching, Communicating, Connecting and Consulting. He works with small businesses and nonprofit organizations to assist their efforts to increase visibility and generate more business. Rob can be found on Twitter @YBConnectsLLC.  If you’d like to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

How important are relationships when it comes to selling?

Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Success Expert, Brian Tracy, says “Relationships Are Everything”. Unfortunately, many salespeople go straight for the sale without establishing a proper connection. 9 out of 10 people in sales who utilize this strategy, Crash & Burn. Why? Because they failed to Connect before they Pulled.

I recently received a phone call from a fellow entrepreneur who was surprised when he received a solicitation from a person in his LinkedIn network. My friend’s contact was attempting to sell him on the importance of joining a specific organization. The unfortunate aspect of this experience was that the sales person didn’t take the time to edit his message, nor did he attempt so establish rapport with my friend.

“He just went straight for the sale without getting to know me”, said my friend.

The key to this comment is that my friend, and many others for that matter, would prefer to buy from people they Know, Like and Trust. These components help to establish a relationship which creates a positive atmosphere from which business can be conducted.

Below are three keys to establishing a Connection before you Pull (Sell).

1. Recognize it’s not about YOU.

Often times when people are networking or attempting to establish a new customer, they want to focus on what it is that they want (the sale) verse what the other person wants. Change your attitude to “what can I do to help this person” or “how can I add value to this person”.  Doing this will help you establish a mindset to serve the person you wish to connect with.

2. Ask the right questions.

Most times sales people are quick to tell the buyer what they think is best. The challenge with this mentality is that most buyers know what they want or don’t want. By “assuming the sale” you actually show a lack of respect for the buyer, which is not the best step to take if you’re looking to build a relationship.

3. Find a way to give.

Give?? Yes, Give! There is a law that states, “what you sow – you will reap”. If you want to earn someone’s business, find a way to give them business. Better yet, start by giving them respect. Don’t insult the customer’s intelligence. Find a way to first understand their business or their needs. This goes back to Key #2 “Ask the right questions”. Become a “Go-Giver” so you can add value and increase trust.

These three keys are valuable if you use them properly and with the right spirit.

Buyers are tired to sales pitches and techniques. They want a genuine individuals who truly wants to help them with their needs. By focusing on them, asking the right questions and serving as a resource – you will not only earn your customer’s business, you will earn their respect.

Remain Encouraged!